Slumped Glass

Slumped or textured glass is glass that has been fired in a kiln to take on the patterns, textures or moulds beneath it. The effect is truly beautiful with its rounded edges and tactile appearance.  Using a heat proof paper we can also cut bold or somewhat intricate designs to create pictures, writing or borders giving the glass a 3D appearance.

We have a collection of patterns which can be used singularly or mixed for added interest or even custom create your own design. Your selection is almost endless when you couple Glasscapes slumped glass with our glass coating service allowing you to choose your own pattern, design and colour at our show room. The beauty of slumped glass is you literally have a one off piece each time.

It’s applications can include : Splashbacks, shower screens, bath panels, mirrors, doors, tiles, balustrading, signage, logos, art glass, water features, feature panels and shelving.


The process of slumping (producing a texture / pattern / design) into panels of glass involves stages of high heat to soften the glass into a molten almost toffee like consistency to melt into and over the pattern beneath it.

It is then cooled in stages, returning the glass to a solid state with the pattern in place, leaving a textured side and a smooth glossy side with slightly rounded, fire polished edges.

Due to the hand made nature of the product, random and unique variations in the texture and manner of slumping are inherent in the process.

Tolerances & Edgework

Due to the expansion and contracation that occurs during the slumping process, up to 3mm variation may occur in panel sizes, allowing for up to a 6mm tolerance.
Around cabinetry and appliances, the allowable tolerance is 5mm with up to 3mm variation, allowing for up to 8mm tolerance.

Slumped glass can have processes such as cut outs, notches and holes as well as flat borders included (for door panels or windows) and can be toughened to meet Australian safety standards.

The toughening process may cause some bowing over the length of the panel or in some instances scuff marks, both of which are unavoidable.

Panel Sizes : maximum single panel sizes
3000 x 1500mm
2000 x 1000mm

Glass thickness
Glass available in 6, 10 & 12mm

Glass Types
Float : Glass which has a pale greenish hue
Low Iron : Ultra clear glass with most of the iron content removed
Tinted Float : Greens, Blues, Grey & Bronze

For custom design or further information regarding this product, please contact our office.


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