Nanokote Glass Surface Protection

Glasscapes can professionally treat glass and loose ceramic tiles in-house under a controlled environment with this amazing product to not only cut your cleaning time by 90% but protect your glass and tiles from dirt, lime, corrosion, fungus and mould.

Glass without Nanokote

Glass with Nanokote

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Created and made in Australia, Nanokote has worked with the CSIRO researching nanotechnology for 15 years and uses this technology as a way of treating glass and ceramics to repel dirt and water.

It creates a clear, permanent bond with the glass and works much like a non stick frying pan. It is scratch and abrasion resistant, 100% UV stable and chemical resistant making it very durable for use both inside and outside and is also environmentally friendly. Perfect for shower screens, splashbacks, alfresco splashbacks, pool balustrading, balcony balustrading,  spandrels and commercial glass facades, ceramic tiles.

Nanokote also protects the environment as it cuts the need for harsh chemical cleaners. A quick wipe with a mild detergent is all you’ll ever need. Ask our friendly team about the Nanokote product.


The results of independant abrasion testing shows that Nanokote significantly outperform Enduroshield and Clearshield by a minimum of 600%. Without a doubt, Nanokote is clearly one of the best products of it’s kind currently on the market and you get it here at Glasscapes.

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